• Committees

  • Plan of Action
    This task force oversees development, implementation, and adherence to the one-, three-, and five-year Plans of Action.

    The Nominating Committee makes nominations for directors and officers to be elected.  They also submit to the incoming Directors at its Annual Meeting, nominations for officers for the ensuing year.  The Nominating Committee also determines if a retired member of the board of directors is eligible t…

    Simsbury Spooktacular Chili Challenge
    Develops, organizes, and presents the annual Simsbury Spooktacular Chili Challenge

    The Finance Committee oversees the management of all of the Chamber's finances and records

    This committee consists of the Chamber's officers, plus two additional directors.  Their responsibilities lie with reviewing and/or setting Chamber policy, as needed, and setting goals for the Plan of Action.

    Business Leaders Breakfast Task Force
    This task force develops, organizes, and presents the annual networking and social event known as the Business Leaders Breakfast.

    Board Governance
    This committee regularly reviews Chamber Bylaws, Policies, and Procedures to ensure compliance by Board of Directors and staff, and reports to the Board of Directors, as needed.  It also recommends Bylaws, Policy, or Procedure changes to the Board of Directors and/or Executive Committee, as appropri…

    This task force reviews grant applications as they are received and makes recommendation for action to the Board of Directors.  They also select the recipients of the "Business Leader of the Year" award and initiate the request for "Public Servant of the Year" and "Educator of the Year" awards from …

    Member Benefits
    This committee's responsibilities lie with retaining and growing the Chamber membership through the development and implementation of various benefits. 

    This committee works together to develop, implement and carry out the Chamber's Marketing Plan, promote the Chamber website as the "go-to" place to get Chamber information, and works with the Membership committee to design and implement a campaign to increase membership.