Our partnership for the future to help our members


    Since 1922, Combined Worksite Solutions has been an established leader in the Voluntary Benefits Industry. CIT works exclusively with businesses and organizations to help employers find solutions to their benefits- related concerns and challenges!

    In the year 2021, CIT's solution to this is to understand that Healthcare premiums have detachable parts that can be enhanced or deleted to maximize benefits, revise costs and take control of your goals. 

  • WHY? WHY?

    • Rising Healthcare cost
      • Over the past two decades, the health insurance costs have risen at three times the pace of inflation, and now the typical cost of family coverage is $20,000 a year per employee, making it one of the largest line items in an organization's budget. 
    • Starting or enhancing current benefit program
    • Attracting and retaining top employees
      • Only 34% of employees and 35% of manager were engaged in their workplace benefits in 2019. 
    • Improving workplace morale, production and loyalty
      • The number one focus of employers should be employee engagement. Data shows that mental health, productivity and commitment increased with the implementation of a company health plan. 

    CIT makes it easy to provide voluntary benefits to employees and their families. CIT has a unique combination of products, people and services that position them perfectly as you voluntary benefits education and enrollment partner!

    CIT's program can be implemented with little to no direct cost to the employer, while providing employees financial protection from an unforeseen accident, illness or disability. 

    CIT provides consultative needs based analysis with each employee to create a customized benefit solution for them, typically for less than the equivalent of one hour pay per week.